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Drishti Group

The Drishti Group, has companies operating in various sectors. The Group broadly operates in the Realty, Consultancy, Adventure Tourism/ Sports, Lifestyle, Life Saving and Specialized Training. The group employs over 300 people and is primarily based out of Mumbai

  • Real Estate: Drishti Realty is a niche operator in the Real Estate market. Staying away from Mainstream development, Drishti Realty focuses primarily on structuring and financing of projects. The company also offers consultancy and various other unique solutions.
  • Life Saving : Surf Life Saving India is the largest professional run Lifeguard service in the country. Currently providing lifeguard services across 40 kms of coastline in Goa. With immediate expansion opportunities in Mumbai and Goa
  • Training : The Special Rescue Training Academy offers some of the most advanced and specialized training in Life Saving and Disaster management.
  • Marine Solutions: Drishti Marine Solutions covers the entire ambit of unique products and tailor made solutions required for the Marine industry .
  • Adventure Tourism: Drishti Adventures runs India’s largest water sports company under the brand of H2O. With 3 Locations the company has serviced over 30 Lakh clients.
  • Lifestyle: Drishti’s lifestyle business has seen many successful brands like Suzie Wong and Salt Water Grill. The company has recently launched new luxury products like Le Anchorage and Le Palais an offshore clubhouse
  • Consultancy: The Drishti core management is constantly working on a Consultancy basis, using its experience in diverse fields to provide practical solutions for disaster management, large scale event and crowd management